Cook Brothers Bottom Brackets


This is the same bottom bracket as above, but the spindle has been changed to one made of Titanium Ti 6Al-4V rather than the standard steel one. To avoid possible flex, the spindle is left solid, drilled at the ends only to the depth of the crank bolts, then tapped for them. The B/B comes with steel crank bolts that are cadmium plated to avoid "seizing" in the spindle on installation.

The spindle lengths are still 110, 115, 120mm, 124mm, and 127mm. The Cook Bros. Titanium B/B with a 120mm spindle weighs 212 grams (with the crank bolts and washers, which weigh 31 grams). English thread only.

Spindle Length-10-15-20-24-27/T Titanium $Price in Catalog
Cooks bearing cups with bearings-pair $Price in Catalog

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