Campagnolo Bottom Brackets


Campy recognizes that many riders want quick to replace, easy to maintain parts, this is their solution. Known by Campy part number as the BB-11RECART, it is sold as the cartridge B/B in both the Record and Chorus parts grouppos. This B/B has three sealed bearing cartridges that are machine pressed onto the spindle. The spindle is made from machined steel, very clean milling creates the 2 degree tapers. The spindle is hollow with tapped inner ends for the crank bolts. The crank bolts aren't included, as described above, they are included with the Campy crankset.

This B/B use two resting side-by-side sealed bearings on the right (drive) side. The two independent bearings have a 26mm diameter and a 5mm height. They are pressed onto the spindle against a machined aluminum water sleeve. To the outer side of these bearings is an aluminum spacer that is supported on the spindle by a very stout custom rubber gasket, that is the B/B's first line of contaminant defense. The left (non-drive) side has a single bearing that is 30mm in diameter with a 6.5mm height (SKF 61903-2RS1) pressed in place against the water sleeve surrounding the spindle. Another aluminum spacer with a custom rubber gasket is placed to the outer side of the left bearing.

There is a trough that houses a rubber O-ring 4mm from each end of the water sleeve. This O-ring forms a final inner seal for the machined aluminum cups which slide tightly over the bearings and over the first 6mm of the water sleeve. The interior of the cup is tiered, and follows the line of the bearings. This particular design leaves no aspect of the B/B mechanism exposed to the outer environment. Because the bearings are machine pressed in place, and there is no appreciable gap between the water sleeve and the inside bearings, removal for replacement of the bearings should it ever be necessary will likely damage neighboring parts.

Like the Shimano and Suntour B/Bs, the Campy Cartridge requires an installation tool that is inserted into splines in the end of the bearing cup. We have found that the Park BBT-5, made to fit the Record, Chorus, and Athena cartridge B/Bs, works quite well without apparent damage to the aluminum part. The actual Campy tool is available but it sells for $14.99 that may be pricey for the occasional use.

The Campy Record/Chorus cartridge B/B is available with either English or Italian threaded cups having a spindle length of 111mm. Made in Italy, it weighs 251 grams.

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