Bottom Bracket Accessories


All the water that gets into your frame, either through condensation or direct entry, eventually ends up in the bottom bracket shell, where it damages the bearing assembly. The Dry Valve provides a safe opening in the bottom bracket shell for this water to evacuate.

The Dry Valve is made of stainless steel, with a one-way rubber gasket that is conically shaped on it's underside. As water finds its way into the B/B shell it collects in this gasket area and is released to the ground. It's easy to install. You remove your bottom bracket and drill a small 5/16" hole on the underside of the B/B shell. The Dry Valve is driven into the shell with the tool that Action Tec provides using light hammer blows. You then reinstall your B/B and cranks, and the task is finished. The practical time to do this is when you replace or re-grease your bottom bracket.

The Dry Valve weighs only 2.5 grams, and is a perfect addition to any B/B purchase. $Price in Catalog


Long term fatigue and failure, or merely changing your frame or cranks may obligate you to get a shorter or longer spindle. Action Tec spindles are available separately. They are machined from Titanium 6Al-4V rod and drilled through to reduce weight with carefully tapped crank bolt threads. The 17mm outer diameter of the spindle is smooth. The spindle comes with a pair of steel crank bolts and washers, which as a set, weigh 30.5 grams.

The spindles are available in 109mm, 112mm, 120mm, 122.5mm, 124mm, 128mm, 130mm, 132mm, and 135mm lengths. The 124mm long spindle weighs 90.5 grams.

Length-09-12-20-22-24-28-30-32-35 / S $Price in Catalog

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