Bottom Bracket Compatibility Table

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Crank Model spindle by shell length spindle by shell length spindle by shell length
Dura-Ace FC-7410 1993 and later 103mm x 68mm - English 103mm x 70mm - Italian  
Shimano XT FC-M737 1994 and later
Shimano LX FC-M565 1995 and later
Shimano LX Hyper-C FC-M563 1994
107mm x 68mm - English 113mm x 73mm - English  
Shimano XTR FC-M910 - 1995
Shimano XTR FC-M900 - 1993-94-92
Shimano 105SC / FC1056 1993 and later
107mm x 68mm - English 107mm x 73mm - English 107mm x 70 - Italian
RaceFace Turbine LP 108mm x 68mm - English 108mm x 73mm - English  
Syncros Road Cranks 109mm x 68mm - English   109mm x 70mm - Italian
Shimano STX FC-MC31 - 1994 110.5mm x 68mm- English 110.5mm x 73mm - English  
Campy - all Road 1990 to 1994
Campy Record OR - 1990 and later
111mm x 68mm - English   111mm x 73mm - Italian
Dura-Ace FC-7402 1991-1992-1993 112mm x 68mm - English   113mm x 70mm - Italian
Shimano Ultegra / FC-6400 1991 and later
Shimano 105SC / FC-1055 1991 and l992
113mm x 68mm - English   115mm x 70mm - Italian
Shimano LX 74/100 BCD FC-M560 1993-94 113mm x 68mm - English 118mm x 73mm- English  
Cook Bros. "E" Type Crank
Sugino Fuze
Topline Road
113.5mm x 68mm - English 113.5mm x 73mm - English 113.5mm x 70mm - Italian
Suntour XC Pro, XC Comp Micro Drive 113.5mm x 68mm - English    
Grafton ATB Joystix
Kooka Kranks, a few chainline applications
Ritchey ATB triples
Syncros MTB - some chainline applications
117.5mm x 68mm - English 117.5mm x 73mm - English  
Suntour XC Pro, XC Comp Micro Drive 117.5mm x 73mm - English    
Cook Bros. CBR - some chainline applications
Cook Bros. RSR
Kooka Kranks - most triple applications
Race Face Turbine
Shimano Deroe XT FC-M730 1993 and earlier
Shimano Deore DX FC-MT60 1993 and earlier
Shimano Deore LX FC-M550 1992
122.5mm x 68mm - English 122.5mm x 73mm - English  
Cook Bros. RSR some chainline applications
Shimano XT M730 pre 1994- some chainline applications
Shimano DX Mt60 1991-92-93- some chainline applications
Topline MTB in some applications
127.5mm x 68mm - English 127mm x 73mm - English