This is the wrench we hinted at in the text of the B/B above. The Action Tec B/B cups can, with extreme care, be installed and finally tightened into the B/B shell with a hook spanner. The operative word is "extreme". The most common complaint we have about the Action Tec B/B is the square notches "stripped" away from the cup when the "hook" slipped under stress. Remember the machined cups are made of aluminum and the steel hook spanner will naturally gouge the aluminum.

This wrench is specifically made to fit the notch positions exactly on the AT B/B. It is made of 1/10" thick plate steel with the interior carefully arc-plasma cut out, leaving three precise fittings for the cup notches. The handle of the wrench is Blue vinyl coated making it easy to grip.

This is the recommended wrench for the Action Tec installation. Returns of the AT cups to us or Action Tec from failing to use this wrench won't be warranteed. This wrench is as indestructible as they get. $Price in Catalog

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