Action Tec Attack Bottom Bracket


The Attack bracket is a simple and elegant solution to the messy and poorly designed bottom brackets of the past. Action-Tec has redesigned this critical component to install quickly, and to perform for years, without your having to notice it.

The bearings are positioned slightly outside the bottom bracket shell, adding more support and stability to the spindle, and effectively moving the crank arms closer to the bearing surface to provide a wider track. This reduces what could be called off-center thrust loads on the bearings and provides maximum support across a wider spread for the bottom bracket spindle. The Titanium spindle is machined from Titanium 6Al-4V rod, which is stronger than Cro-moly and substantially lighter. The spindle is drilled through end to end with the inner ends tapped for the crank bolts. The spindle has two raised half-rounds that the bearing cartridge in the cup rests against.

The complete assembly, in 120mm spindle length, weighs 176 grams (including steel crank bolts and washers that come with the B/B, which weigh 30 grams). This is less than half the weight of a traditional steel cupped bottom bracket. The bearing cups are skillfully machined from aluminum rod, with a precision sealed bearing cartridge pressed from the inside into the flanged bearing cup. The bearing cup has three square shaped notches that can be used by the Action Tec wrench or less desirable for this B/B . . . a hook spanner.

The Attack Bracket uses SKF Ground & Honed cartridge bearings, which are double sealed, dirt cannot get in from either the inner or outer side. This 2 degree tapered B/B spindle can be used with many cranksets. The spindle comes in various lengths, 109mm, 112mm, 118mm, 120mm, 122.5mm, 124mm, 128mm, 133mm and 135mm to fit any bottom bracket shell and crank combination. This bottom bracket is made for abuse. English thread only, the bearing cups are anodized Silver. Be sure to specify spindle length.

Length-09-12-18-20-22-24-28-33-35 $Price in Catalog

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