Crystal Design Bar Ends


Crystal Bar Ends are an economical, all aluminum, straight bar end using cinch fastening. The cinch section is made of an aluminum extrusion cut to 1 3/8" length, (which will become "width" on the handlebar). The cinch extrusion is bored front and rear for the two steel cinch bolts. Two steel nutserts are pressed into the rear of the extrusion, so the steel bolt threads into a mated steel nut. The extrusion is cut through lengthwise to create the clamping mechanism. Two 4mm x .60mm bolts, that are 10mm long are used to tighten each Quick Grip. The aluminum grip tube has a wall thickness of 1.7mm, is four inches long, and straight. The grip tube is miter cut to contour the cinch assembly, then TIG welded, at a 9 1/2 degree angle, from straight ahead, to the cinch assembly. The entire bar end is electrostatically (powder) painted a glossy Black. Two Black plastic end plugs for the grip tubes are included. These bar ends a great value, with beefy welding. A pair of Crystal Designs bar ends, with end plugs, weighs just 125.5 grams. Made in Colorado, USA. No longer made, these sold for $23.99 a pair.


The Quick Grip Plus is the L-bend version of the Quick Grip. The Plus model uses the same cinch assembly as the Quick Grip, with an 8 inch long tubing grip section made of the same aluminum tubing. The grip section is welded to the cinch assembly at a 12 degree angle, from handlebar perpendicular, inward toward the front tire. The grip tube is bent further inward at the 4 inch mark adding 70 degrees more of bend to the aluminum tube. They are electrostatically painted glossy Black. The pair with end plugs weigh 182.5 grams. Made in USA.No Longer made these sold for $23.99 a pair.

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