Impressions - Klein Bicycles

There has been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Klein's
financial future. While Klein occupied a sentimental position in the
hearts of many hardcore cyclists, they have made some grave errors in
delivery to market of frames and bikes shown at the
industry trade show in September of 1993. That lost them most of their
expected sales for the 1994 model year. The 1995 model year is
expected to be slightly more promising as their dealer base has shrunk

Promises of deliveries in the 1994 model year with severly late or
no delivery at all left many dealers abandoning Klein because
the retailer lost credibility with their local customers as
promised frames failed to arrive. The current Klein range of bikes
includes a unique "Mission Control II" handlebar/stem assembly that
uses a compression fitting to cinch it onto the fork steerer.

In Klein's precarious market position, it hardly seems a wise
idea to try establish a new "standard" for stem/bar. It was
reported that Klein's attempt to devise a compression tightening
seat collar (holding the seatpost in place) was the source of
the long delays in the 1994 bikes.

Most recent rumors have Trek engaged in negotiations to buy the
company, reducing the noted aluminum frame competitors by one.
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