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Trade Announcement Cool Tool to be acquired by Gerber Legendary Blades

We are pleased to announce that Gerber Legendary Blades, A Division of Fiskars Inc., has acquired Cool Tool Limited, effective in November.

Bob Seals, inventor of the original Cool Tool and owner of Cool Tool Limited, founded his company in 1990 and brought to the world one of the first all purpose, multi-functionctional bicycle repair tools which can easily be carried by riders as enjoy the sport of cycling. Bob Seals says, "although Cool Tool has grown over the years sinceinceptiojn I look forward to the promotional exposire and the operastional support that Gerber Legendary Blades brings over a two year period to insure a smooth transition of the Cool Tool product.

Gerber Legendary Blades, a Division of Friskars Inc., was founded in Oregon in 1939 and enjoys a solid reputation of providiong high quality knives and multi-functional tools for the outdoor enthusiast. The Cool Tool product will serve as Gerber's first introduction into the bike accessory market.

Effective in December, all orders for the Cool Tool product, the Quick Release Tool, the L.I.T.E tool and warranty will be taken at Gerber Legendary Blades, in Portland, Oregon, at 1-503-639-6161 or fax (503) 684-7008.

Gerber Legendary Blades is looking forward to maintaining the finr Cool Tool tradition and working with Bob Seals to make "Cool Tool" a must have for every bicycle rider!

Warms Regards,

Bob Seals - Owner-Cool Tool Limited

Jim Wehrs - General Managewr-Gerber, Legendary Blades, a Division of Friskars

December 1995

Dear Dealer:

Gerber Legendary Blades recently acquired Cool Tool from Mr. Bob Seals. We are very excited to be a part of the growing bicycle industry.

We welcome you to explore the Gerber Legendary Blades family of outdoor recreational products.

Gerber Legendary Blades has been active in the outdoor recreational industry for over half a century, being the leader in technology and state of the art production of outdoor knives and tools. The Cool Tool is one more member of our growing multi purpose tool products.

We, at Gerber Legendary Blades, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to uor growing family and, also, wish you a wonderful and prosperous 1996.

The enclosed catalogs and price lists outline our entire product listing for 1996. When placing your initial order, please complete and sign the enclosed credit application so we can expedite your first order. We appreciate comments and suggestions from our family of dealers, please let us know if y ou have any questions or need additional information.

Sincerely, Ron Robley National Sales Manager

14200 S. W. 72nd Avenue / P.O. Box 23088 / Portland, OR 97281-3088 (503) 639-6161 FAX (503) 684-7008

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