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14 December, 1995

Dear Cannondale dealer,

Enclosed is a copy of an important service bulletin regarding Cannondale HeadShok forks. Please see that it is distributed among your service personnel and posted in a prominent area of your service department.

We are recommending that all Cannondale bicycles equipped with certain HeadShok cartridges have a very simple service procedure performed the next time the bike is in for service. The suspension cartridge should be removed from the fork, and the threads on the cartridge cleaned. Loctite #222 should then be applied to the threads befor the cartridge is installed back in the fork. This is not a recall of any sort. We simply recommend that this service be performed the next time each bike is brought in for other services (parts upgrades, tune-ups, etc.)

This is the first of what will become an ongoing series of service bulletins from Cannondale. These bulletins are designed to increase the level of communication between Cannondale and Cannondale dealers regarding technical service issues. Service bulletins will be distributed on an as-needed basis, when it is found that a particular issue needs attention. I urge you to keep a copy if this and all following service bulletins in a section of your Cannondale dealer notebook.

Thank you for your time. If you or your service technicians have any questions regarding this bulletin, please call our Technical Support staff at 800-7269-2453.

Best Regards, Timothy C. Stan Technical Communications Manager

P.S. I've also enclosed a copy of the Cannondale Online newsletter. This newsletter os distributed weekly to all Cannondale dealers with fax machines. If you have a fax machine and are not currently receiving Cannondale Online, please call your Dealer Service representative at 800-726-BIKE and ask to have your shop placed on the distribution list. The only requirement is that your fax machine must be routinely left turned on overnight.


It is recommended that the following service be performed on all Cannondale bicycles that are equipped with the following HeadShok suspension forks: HeadShok DD2 HeadShok DD50 HeadShok DD25 (Silk Path) HeadShok Fatty -Remove the oil damper from the suspension fork. -Clean the threads on the outside of the cartridge body, as well as the threads inside the inner steer tube. -Apply some Loctite #222 (purple) to the threads on the cartridge body. -Install the cartridge, tightening it securely.

This procedure is recommended to reduce the liklihood of the cartridge coming unthreaded from the inner steer tube. It is recommended that rhis service be performed on all Cannondale bicycles listed above at their next service interval (with a tune-up, component upgrade, etc.) or during front suspension cartridge service or upgrades.

It is not neccessary to perform this procedure every time the bicycle is seen for service. It should be done once, and then each time the cartridge is removed thereafter, Loctite should be applied to the threads before re-installing the cartridge.

This service procedure is not required for Cannondale bikes produced since 11/01/95. These bicycles have had Loctite installed at the factory.

For complete instructions on removal of the oil damper cartridge, refer to the appropriate service manual for the cartridge. To request copies of any Cannondale service manuals, call our Technical Support Department at 800-726-2453

---->Please post this notice in a conspicuous location in the service area of your shop. Thank You for Your Cooperation.

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