Cycle Pro Motivator Tire


Cycle Pro is the brand name used by Derby Cycle (who also sells Cycle Pro, Haro, Nishiki, and Raleigh bikes) for marketing bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. The Motivator is well crafted for them in Japan by National Tire Co. (which also makes their own brand Panaracer, and the Murray tires). The Motivator's tread pattern uses a rectangular tread block 1/4" high and 5/8" across centered on the tire. Behind this by 1/2" is two 1/4" square blocks set 5mm off the centerline on each side. Behind these by 1/2" are two more 1/4" square blocks set 2mm off the centerline on each side followed 1/2" further by two more 1/4" square blocks set again at 5mm off the centerline. At the side of each of these blocks is an 1/8" round shaped block linked by a small half-round ridge. The Motivator comes in a Skin sidewall only and it's rubber compound tested to an 72/A hardness. The Motivator is longer made. When they were, we sold them for $14.99 each.

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