Archival Review of Klein Mission Control Bar / Stem Combo

The Klein Mission Control is as light as can be managed in making a handlebar and stem combination. The finished single piece is amde of 6061-T6 lauminum incorporating an aluminum handlebar, aluminum stem and wedge, and a Titanium expander bolt. The handlebar is 580mm long, has a 1.07mm tubing wall thickness and there is a 7 degree rearward bend on the 205mm nearest each bar end. The stem extension is ovalized, with 2" of vertical contact against the quill and 2" of horizontal contact against the handlebar.

The stem pices and the handlebar are TIG welded togetherat both of these points of contact. The broad beads of filler wire from the pulsed weld are sanded and polished afterward leaving a rather smooth joint with just slight evidence of the process. The stem quill is machined from 6016-T6 aluminum rod. The top of the quill is bored with a 10mm diameter hole to a depth of 12.5mm to recess and cradle the expander bolt head. The bolt pass through hole is 8mm in diameter. From the bottom, the quill is bored with a narrowing diameter leaving the wall thickness at the bottom of the quill of 2.43mm and becomes thicker as it reaches the top.

The wedge is an extremely light weight 10 1/2 grams, made from machined aluminum rod. The expander bolt has 6mm x 1mm threads, is 180mm long, has a 5mm hex fitting. It is machined from 6Al-4V Titanium rod and weighs 25 1/2 grams. The Mission Control has welded to the underside of the stem extension, a "macaroni" cable routing guide.

The Mission Control bar/stem set comes in three lengths, 90mm, 120mm, 135mm, and 150mm. They are made only to fit the 1" diameter headsets, and come in two rises, 0 degree or +17 degree rise. They are painted in Glossy Black or metalic Silver. The Mission Control in the 120mm stem length with a +17 degree rise weighs 381 grams. This version of the Mission Control was replaced by the Mission Control II, which uses compression type cinch on the steer tube.

The Mission Control II will work on 2 models of Klein bikes only (and they all come with an MC II), therefore we no longer sell it. We sold the original Mission Control for $134.99