Suntour XC Pro Seatbolt


This is a well crafted bolt, using steel parts where needed for strength, and aluminum everywhere else for weight reduction. The lever and inner cam piece are a single steel casting, which is bent at the point where it exits the cam assembly. Wisely Suntour has this pass totally through the aluminum cam housing, using a hole in the far side as the pivot anchor. The lever piece is painted black with a firm plastic Black sleeve in the area of finger contact. The cam housing is machined aluminum alloy, anodized Black. A spring and aluminum washer on the cam housing side provide a flush surface and equalize the tension as the lever is tightened. The nut is machined aluminum alloy anodized Black, with a plastic insert to prevent it from loosening up, mounted in the outer side. The nut also has a recess built into it for the flat surfaced O-ring that provides fingertip grip while fastening.

The largest distance the XC PRO seatpost bolt will close on is 37mm, the smallest distance it will close on is 18mm. The skewer may be shortened by marking and cutting the extra threaded rod length, then cleaning up the threads with a file afterward. Weighing 54 grams, the Suntour XC PRO bolt is available only in Black. Made in Japan.

No longer made, we sold this for $14.99

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