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The SR Laprade is an inexpensive, all aluminum, road racing seatpost made in Japan. The Laprade uses the same clamp design as the other SR posts. It has a cast aluminum square nut that has a rounded bottom for a positive grip no matter what angle the saddle is set at.

The upper and lower clamp pieces are cast aluminum, with 1 3/8" of firm contact, top and bottom of each saddle rail. The Laprade is a micro adjusting post using a single, steel, 6mm hex head bolt to secure the clamp assembly and saddle, so a hex wrench is all you need to adjust seat angle and distance from handlebar. The head piece and tubing section are forged as a single piece, providing unequaled strength, making headpiece/mast joint separation impossible. The hollow tube has a precision lathed exterior finish permitting a perfect fit. There are six vertical grooves cast into the side at the top of tubing section, which provide weight reduction and a quick visual indication of how much seatpost is in use in the seattube.

The Laprade is a beefy, high quality, road replacement post, nominally 250mm long, however with the clamp perpendicular to the seat tube, the center of rail to end of tube length is 252mm. The weight of a 27.2mm SR Laprade post is 377 grams. The Laprade is available only in the 27.2mm size. Silver only, this is a beefy, very inexpensive, high quality road replacement.

No longer made, we sold this post for $13.99


Sakae Ringyo has produced the most popular replacement mountain seatpost ever made. This post reached it's popularity by being the first extra long, mass produced post, with a decent clamp system, that was made affordable. They have been made affordable by using cast aluminum parts primarily, with a minimum of machine work necessary to execute their designs, and using many of the same pieces in making "different", (in name), seatposts to production costs to be spread over a greater number of posts.

Now the specifics, the TCO is a micro adjusting seatpost that uses a single chrome plated steel bolt with a 6mm allen head to adjust and secure the saddle angle. The clamp assembly is made in three pieces, all painted glossy Black. There is a small, square cast aluminum "nut", that is threaded to receive the 6mm bolt and fasten down the clamp. The nut piece is given a rounded bottom that fits within a rounded depression on the upper clamp piece. This permits firm contact between both parts regardless of the angle the clamp section holds the saddle. The upper clamp piece is made of cast aluminum and has full rail contact for it's entire 1 3/8" length on both sides. The lower clamp piece is also cast aluminum with full rail contact it's entire length. The two clamp pieces are cast with an interlocking interior tab, so an improper fit is very noticeable.

The head piece, which fits into the tubing section, is made of solid, cast aluminum, and then painted glossy Black. The head piece is pressure fit, (press fit, using tapered sides), into the 5056 aluminum tubing. A look inside the post reveals that the solid head extends into the tubing 1 1/2" (38.5mm). The tubing is hard anodized in a Black, then screened in yellow with the TCO logo. With the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 362mm. The weight of a 27.2mm SR TCO post is 387 grams.

The TCO post is made in Japan, and is available, in 26.0mm, 26.4mm, 26.6mm, 26.8mm, 27.0mm, and 27.2mm, also oversized - 28.6mm and 29.8mm at $5 more.

No longer made, we sold the standard size version for $20.99 and the oversized models for $25.99


The TCO Sport is the junior version, (for smaller or well fit frames), of the TCO that is made in Taiwan using slightly harder aluminum. The micro adjusting, post is made using the same style of manufacture as the TCO. The clamp pieces are all cast aluminum, with the upper, square nut threaded after casting. The square nut is rounded on the bottom, so it has firm contact to the contoured upper clamp piece. The upper and lower clamp pieces are cast with an interior interlocking tab, making improper reassembly difficult during saddle installation.

The cast clamp cradle has 1 3/8" of contact top and bottom to the saddle rail. A single steel bolt with 6mm allen head holds and cinches the entire saddle and clamp structure together. A 6mm allen wrench is all that is needed to adjust your saddle angle, and distance from the handlebar. The head piece is a single piece of cast aluminum, milled at the base where it joins the tube section. The head piece and tube section are pressure fit together, and a look inside shows the head piece is slightly hollow to reduce weight, although the head piece is inserted to a 1 1/2" depth in the tube. The tubing section is made of 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. The tubing section has been barrel polished to a Silver color, but is not anodized. The TCO Sport is nominally a 300mm post, however with the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 305mm. The weight of a 29.4mm SR TCO Sport post is 347 grams. The TCO Sport is made in Taiwan, and is available, in 26.0mm, 26.2mm, 26.4mm, 26.6mm, 26.8mm, 27.0mm, and 27.2mm. It's also available in oversizes 29.2mm, 29.4mm, 29.6mm and 29.8mm at $3 more.

No longer made, we sold this in the standard sizes for $16.99 and the oversizes for $19.99

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