Kona O-Beam Seatpost


The Kona O-Beam uses a revolving clamp inside an outer cradle tube to permit tiny yet infinite adjustments in the angle of the saddle. The O-Beam Titanium is made using a Titanium 3Al-2.5V for the both the tubing section and the cradle section of the post. The tubing section rises with a miter cut end that contours the cradle tube. The cradle tube and the mast section are TIG welded together by clean, delicate welds around the entire circumference of the joint. The Cradle tube has an outer diameter of 1 1/4". At the front and back of the cradle tube a cinch fitting is TIG welded, with a single continuous clean weld around the entire joining surface. The cinch fittings are machined from Titanium rod that isdrilled to recess the cinch bolt head, then tapped for the bolt threads. After the fittings are welded to the cradle tube, the upper half of the tube and both fittings are cut through, creating the outer clamping system that holds the actual saddle rail clamps. The saddle rail clamps are machined from a piece of solid aluminum alloy that is turned on a lathe to make it round with a 1 1/2" outer diameter, and cut a 15/100" deep recess in the middle 1 1/4" section of the piece.

The aluminum is then drilled with a 7/10" in diameter hole, this reduces the final weight of what will be two saddle rail clamps. It is then cut through end to end, making the two clamp pieces. The ends of each piece are cut at a 52.2¡ angle eliminating further weight and giving the clamp pieces an aesthetically pleasing look. They are milled on the flat side at each end with a half-round bit to make the troughs for the saddle rails. Very clever and clean. The two bolts are made of steel and have 6mm by 1mm thread pitch, are 20mm long and weigh 6 grams each. With the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 398mm. The weight of a 27.2mm Kona O-Beam Titanium post is just 230 grams. The O-Beam Titanium post was made only in the 27.2mm diameter size, in Washington state, USA.

No longer available, we sold it for $124.99

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