Fast Feather Quick Release Seatbolt


Fast Feather is a maker of lightweight, aluminum replacement parts. Their quick release seat bolt is both exceptionally lightweight and elegant in design. The bolt uses an externally visible rotating cam to cinch. The lever handle is anatomically curved to fit nicely in your hand, made of an aluminum extrusion, with graduating holes drilled through it, to reduce weight.

The Fast Feather bolt has two machined aluminum spacers next to the cam/lever piece. The one nearest the cam is contoured to the shape of the cam radius and fits with full contact as the lever is closed. The inner side of this piece is convex, and it fits within the concave face of the second spacer. Using the two pieces this way allows the seat bolt to close with no binding and adjusts the angle of the bolt automatically as it's drawn tight. The nut piece is machined from aluminum rod and has six elongated recesses milled away from it's conical shape.

The recesses give your finger an easy surface to grip as you tighten the bolt in for the first time. Also on the nut side is an aluminum spacer, which is again convex, that fits into the concave inner side of the nut. This squares up the bolt in your seat lug as it's tightened. The pull-up rod is made of machined Titanium 6Al-4V rod and the anchor piece in the lever is made of stainless steel. The largest distance the skewer will close on is 32mm, the smallest distance it will close on is 3mm. The skewer may be shortened by marking and cutting the extra threaded rod length, then cleaning up the threads with a file afterward. The Fast feather Ti Rod bolt is available with lever, washers, and nut anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, Silver, or Turquoise and weighs 27 grams. Made in the USA.

 No longer made, the FF bolt sold for $17.99
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