No Longer Made


The Superbe Pro is Suntour's top-of-the-line road racing rear derailleur, for use with 6, 7, and 8 speed shift systems. It has an extremely fast acting short pulley cage. All the linkages are made of cold forged, high polished aluminum, the pulley bolts, pulley cage and pulley spacers are all made of aluminum. The parts of the changer that aren't aluminum are the mounting and pivot bolt, the cable fastening and adjustment bolts. The mounting and pivot bolts are replaceable with Titanium versions from SRP found at the end of this article. The high and low gear cam set screws are wisely installed on the body of the changer, as you would face it on the bike. They're very easy to get to. There is cable tension adjustment with matching knurls making hand adjustment easy, as well as B-Tension and pulley cage chain take-up tension adjustment. Installation is done using only a 5mm allen wrench. The pulleys are sealed, using a precision sealed bearing cartridge fit into a plastic outer pulley wheel with fine aluminum plates to protect the mechanism. The pulleys are held in the cage with aluminum alloy pulley bolts. This derailleur is the obvious choice if you desire superior workmanship and quality. A 5mm hex wrench installs the derailleur and cinches the cable. Weighing only 201 grams, it is fully AccuShift Plus compatible. The Superbe Pro comes with an 11" length of Grey derailleur cable housing, in case your shifter set comes with no housing to effect the turn from the frame drop out to the convenience adjuster on the changer. The housing is lined with factory ends installed. The largest cog you can use is 26 teeth., and the total capacity is also 26 teeth. No longer made, this fabulous rear derailleur sold for just $91.99


The XC Pro MD is the ultra short cage implementation of the original XC Pro rear for the Micro Drive components group. It is identical mechanically to the other XC Pro rear changers, except in the cage. It will accept use as either a 6, 7, or 8 speed rear cog set and is Accushift Plus compatible. All major linkage parts are made of aluminum to reduce weight. The XC Pro MD weighs just 238 grams. The mounting and pivot bolts are replaceable wit SRP Titanium versions which are available at the end of this article. Adjusters for the high and low gearing and B-tension adjustment are conveniently located, and the cable tension adjuster is made of machined knurled aluminum for easily performed roadside adjustments. The cable anchor bolt cinches with a 5mm allen wrench, with the nut for the bolt retained by a well constructed and overbuilt housing on the back of the body. Both plates that make the pulley cage are aluminum, and space the pulleys at 55 millimeters center to center apart. Pulleys are a hard plastic with precision sealed bearing cartridges for the bearing assembly surrounded by machined aluminum plates. The largest usable cog is 28 teeth. The total gear capacity is 28 teeth. No longer made, this innovative rear derailleur sold $49.99