No Longer Made


These pulleys were introduced by Suntour when the dollar was a strong currency as a more affordable version of the Bullseye styled pulley. But, presently, the dollar is weak, at a post war low, and they're not as inexpensive as they once were. They use precision sealed cartridge bearings in a pulley that is made of hard Teflon-like material called Delrin. Suntour has said they will reduce drivetrain friction by 80% compared to the standard plastic and metal bushing type of pulley construction that comes originally with nearly all derailleurs. The sealed cartridge pulleys are further shielded from outside contaminants with machined aluminum caps. Residual friction is further reduced through the use of a brass bushing to surround the axle. Proven Suntour quality is put into these Delrin plastic wheel pulleys that fit all rear derailleurs. The pair of pulleys has a total weight of 29 grams. No longer made these, we sold these pulleys for $19.99

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