No Longer Made


The DX series components were discontinued in the 1994 model year, and the LX series was elevated to its price position. We believe there will be on hand DX stocks through at least the end of 1994. The Shimano DX rear derailleur is an STI compatible unit using the Double Servo-Panta mechanism. It can be used as both a 6, 7, and 8 speed changer. It's double spring tension points guarantee quick and accurate shifting. This has sealed link pivots, mounting bolt and mounting spring. It uses Shimano's "sealed" pulleys, has B-tension adjustment, and protection against overshifting into the spokes of your rear wheel. The DX series has an adjustment cam/bolt for the return spring which adjusts the force used to push the derailleur back from the high to the low geared cog. The convenience adjuster, is easy to grip with a large Black plastic jacket around a steel bolt, with detent at each quarter turn. A 5mm hex wrench will tighten both the cable fixing bolt and the mounting bolt. The DX has Silver alloy linkages and Silver steel parts, (mounting and pivot bolts, pulley bolts and pulley cage). This model is made in two sizes, a short cage and a long cage version. Maximum rear cog is 32 teeth on the long cage, and 28 teeth on the short cage. Total capacity is 38 teeth (super long cage), and 28 teeth (short cage). It's made of aluminum alloy and steel weighing 318.5 grams for the long and 261.5 grams for the short cage. No longer made, both versions of the DX sold for $34.99