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The 845 weighs more than any other MTB rear we reviewed. The major reason, is the weight of the pulley cage, which is 5mm longer than the 841 and made of Black painted steel. The outer side, (away from the wheel), is made of 3mm thick stamped steel. The plate remains absolutely rigid even with the tension pulley removed while attempting to bend it. The inner plate is made of 2.5mm thick steel and does give slightly at the bottom, but only if the pulley is removed first. The cage is the most massive we've seen. The pulleys Mavic uses are very traditional, a nylon-like hard plastic outer pulley has a machined brass insert (bushing) that operates as an outer bearing race. The inner race which the axle passes through is made of smoothly machined steel. Aluminum plates surround this bearing assembly before the pulley is bolted into the cage. The pulley use the same steel bolts found in the 840 and 841 models. Cosmetically, the derailleur body has a colorful sticker over it, that identifies it as one of Mavic's ATB or "V.T.T." parts. The Mavic 845 rear weighs 295.5 grams, will accept cogs up to 32 teeth in size and is rated my Mavic at a 38 tooth capacity. The 845 weighs 294 grams. The 845 has been discontinued by Mavic but we have a few and there are likely to be other stores that also have them. No longer made, we sold the 845 for $109.99

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