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This is the first of the Blackburn racks to have mass acceptance and is now discontinued. The AR-1 was extremely well engineered using 6061 aluminum rod that is shaped, then TIG welded together. This rack used three support rods welded together to form two stable and rigid triangles on both sides of the rack. The triangular supports gracefully transfer the weight load to the eyelets on the dropouts. At the eyelet, the outer support rods are flared to the front and rear so that panniers with bottom spring releases can be put on or taken off in seconds. This rack requires that you have caliper brakes, and for that reason, has always been used on Road racing, Road touring, or Tandem bikes. It is known as "adjustable" because it uses a sliding bracket which is bolted to the back of the rear brake caliper. Once the bracket is in place, the rack can be shifted front or rear to adjust it to a precisely level position. The rack is designed to carry objects on top, as well as a pannier set on the sides. The AR-1 has been severely tested, with failure weight rates well above what a human can possibly steer or travel with. It's overbuilt, yet light!! The AR-1 rack was made for bikes with a 19" to 24" frame. The AR-2 rack was for bicycle frames larger than 24". The rack weighs 442 grams and was made in Black or Silver.


This is the rack preferred by many custom framebuilders for its clean and simple design, but is also doscontinued. It used four point mounting for rigidity, relying usually on brazed on frame eyelets (on the seatstay, and then rear dropout eyelets) for the rack to fasten to. Where eyelets don't exist there are vinyl coated clamps that grip the frame firmly. Perfect for braze-on or clamp style installation (seatstay clamps not included). The Seatstay racks were for narrow tire use only and come in three sizes, SS-1 for frames from 21"-23" The SS-2 was for frame sizes from 24"- 26". The SS-3 was for frame sizes from 18"-20". Formerly made in Black or Silver with an approximate weight of 452 grams

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