Archival Reviews of Tioga Pedals


Tioga Surefoot IV pedals are a toe clip style pedal, made in Taiwan, with an aggressive competition shape. The unusual feature of these pedals is the Zerk fitting into the spindle area of the pedal body. Using the grease injectors that have become popular, (Finish Line, Pedros, Fat City) it is possible to inject and replace the grease in the Surefoot's bearing assembly. The Zerk fitting uses a small spring loaded ball bearing to seal the injection mechanism. The pedal body is a single piece of forged aluminum. The interior is tapped with threads for the single unit spindle and bearing assembly to thread into. The spindle hole in the body is tapped for a machined aluminum locknut to thread into. The locknut has an O-ring that seals the locknut to body contact.

On the spindle, at the end of the locknut, is a steel bearing tube that has bearing cups at each end for the thirteen 1/11th inch (.0935) loose ball bearings used at each end. There is a hole through the center of the bearing tube which is positioned beneath the Zerk fitting hole, which allows the grease to migrate among the ball bearings. At the end of the spindle is a steel cone race, and there is one polished surface on the spindle which becomes the cone race for the inner bearing set. When the injected grease exceeds the volume of the spindle/bearing cavity it migrates between the bearing tube and the spindle, back out toward the crank arm were it emerges from under an O-ring that closes the area between the spindle and the aluminum locknut. The Black cage is made of die-cut aluminum plate and has four recessed holes for the screws that fasten the cage to the braces on the body. The cage on the Surefoot IV has a tall back with four toe-flip tabs. The cage has a slot at the end toe strap passage, and tapped holes for toe clip mounting bolts to fit directly to the cage. A pair of the Surefoot IV pedals weighs 319 grams. The body is Silver, the cage is Black. These were replaced by Tioga with the Tioga Clitman pedals a clipless design made in Taiwan to replicate the Shimano 747 which Tioga is also responsible for importing to the United States. The pedals sold for $24.99 a pair

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