Archival Reviews of Ringle Hubs


We may have a few of these rear hubs on hand though they are not generally available. The Bubba freewheel rear is to be used with thread-on type freewheels. Made very similar to the two front hubs, the shell is one piece, machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy rod. It is again drilled through to reduce weight, and bored from each side to make a seat for the sealed cartridge bearing used in each side to carry the load. The axle is machined from 12mm outer diameter aluminum rod. On the non-drive side the diameter is reduced to the necessary, and standard 10mm diameter. On the drive side, it remains 12mm until it reaches the final 5.25mm of axle length, then it is reduced to the needed 10mm O.D. The hollow axle has a 5.1mm inner diameter, leaving a sturdy wall thickness to absorb drive torque. The Bubba Freewheel has machined aluminum collars for each side. The non-drive side is conical and leaves the cartridge bearing's own seals as the first line of defense from outer contamination. The outer contact face of the non-drive collar is 18..9mm in diameter with a serrated outer edge to grip the frame drop-out. The drive side collar, machined of aluminum, slides tightly over the 12mm diameter axle, building its outer diameter out to 19mm. The outer contact face is serrated, again to grip the drop-out. Both of these collars have a recess milled internally, that seats an inner O-ring, whose compression both holds the collar on the hub when not on the bike and seals the inner axle against contaminant penetration. The drive side is threaded only for English threaded freewheels. The Bubba Freewheel rear hub has a 47mm hub flange diameter. The Bubba Freewheel spoke holes have a 40mm center circle diameter on the non-drive side and 41mm on the drive side. The Bubba Freewheel has an axle that is 126mm long for a Road 7 speed system, or 130mm long for a Road 8 speed system. It is also available with a 135mm axle spaced for 7 speed Mountain use or a 135mm spaced for 8 speed Mountain use. The spacing of the axle relative to the flanges is different for these four systems, so when ordering this rear hub you must be specific about its use. The Bubba Freewheel rear is available only in a 32 spoke hole drilling. The hub shell and both collars come anodized in the same color, the axle is Silver. The color choices are Blue, Black, Grey, Lavender, Red, or Silver. The weight of a 32 hole Bubba Freewheel is 167 grams. No longer sold, the Bubba rear only sold for $79.99

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