Archival Reviews of Litespeed Ti Skewers


Litespeed once made, but no longer, a near all Titanium skewer. In reading about most of the after market skewers here you notice that they are largely aluminum with a Ti skewer rod, this skewer set has only an aluminum lever. The lever is machined from billet aluminum, is 60mm long and 5/8" tall narrowing to about 1/4" at the end. The lever has a slight external cam shape to provide a final cinch and lock. The lever rotates against a 19mm diameter contact washer that has a serrated inner face. The nut is machined from Ti 6Al-4V and strongly resembles the original Shimano XT nut, round in shape with a trough cut around it, that an O-ring fits into which provides the tactile grip while closing the skewer. The inner face of the nut has a serrated surface on its 19mm diameter contact area. The pivot pin is machined from Titanium, as is the threaded skewer rod. These two pieces are welded together yet do not impair the lever's rotation. The front Litespeed skewer weighs 44.5 grams, the rear weighs 48 grams. Though there is much more Titanium in this skewer set, they weigh just a tiny bit more than skewer sets that call themselves "Titanium". At the time of this writing we had just two sets left, but if there is ever enough interest it might be possible to get Litespeed to make these again. Made in USA.

14-36-135 $79.99

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