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Ti-Rods are one three skewers sets from Fast Feather whose only difference is the lever. The lever, made of aluminum alloy, is 70mm long, .2" thick and 1/2" high. It tapers from 1/2" high at the pivot pin to just 1/4" high at the lever end. To reduce the weight of the lever further holes are drilled through it. The lever has an external cam shape to apply compound leverage to the hub axle. The cam rotates against an aluminum tension relief washer that is concave on the lever side and convex in the contact washer side. The contact washer is made of aluminum with a concave side that mates to the tension relief washer, so between both pieces there is a range of swivel to keep the contact washer in full contact. The aluminum contact washer is 19mm in diameter, and in a unusual move has no serrations cut into the surface. The nut is machined form aluminum rod, is 18.8mm in diameter, and has six recesses for the finger tips to grip. These grip recesses are too narrow to get a really solid grip on. The pivot pin is made of stainless steel and the skewer rod is from Titanium. The volute springs are made of round wire spring steel. The front Ti- Rod weighs 37 grams, the rear weighs 40.5 grams. Ti Rods are available anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. Made in USA.

14-FF-QRS- (Color-B-BK-L-S / T) $54.99


As mentioned above the Ti-Rod Road skewers are identical to the Ti-Rods except the shape and style of the handle section of the lever. The shape the Ti-Rod Road skewers are cut to resemble a wing with the a hole that follows the outline at the lever end. The front Ti-Rod Road skewer weighs 38 grams, the rear weighs 41 grams. Ti-Rod Roads are available anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. Made in USA.

14-FF-R- (Color-B-BK-L-S-T / T) $59.99

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