Archival Review of YST Headset


The YST Sealed Mechanism Headset represents everything that an inexpensive headset should be. The fork crown race and the upper cone race are made of high quality steel, machined slightly, painted, then they go back to cut and grind the bearing race. Other headset makers paint the races black after they grind and cut the bearing surface which leaves a somewhat less precise bearing surface. The lower and upper cups are cast of dur-aluminum, anodized Black and then a precision cut steel mate to their respective race is pressed in. The YST comes with an aluminum alloy head key washer and an alloy head lock nut. The headset is triple sealed. The head lock has a stem seal, and there are plastic seals between the cone races and the cups that surround the bearings. The bearings come in a steel retainer with twenty-two 1/8" high polished bearing, all pre-greased. The headset comes in three sizes, 1", 1 1/8", and the 1 1/4" size. Though the unit is made in Taiwan this headset for the money is well and a good value. Black only. These have become difficult for us to find. We believe that they are not being made any longer. We sold the 1" size for $14.99, and the other two sizes for $22.99

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