Archival Review of Mountain Goat Headset


This headset is made in Japan by Tange for Mountain Goat. It has both steel and aluminum construction. Both the bearing cup elements and the head lock nut are made of aluminum alloy. The cone races, the cup race elements, and the head key washer are all made of steel. This needle or roller bearing headset uses a fork cone race made of steel that the bearings actually roll on, instead of a separate removable race like many other roller bearing headsets have. Although other makers do this in aluminum (with steel races on top), both cone races in this headset are made of steel, with the roller bearings revolving on it. The cup pieces are produced the way most others are. They are cast, then cleaned up by machining before tapping the threads in them. Thin beveled steel races are then laid in the cups to provide the second bearing surface. The head key washer is actually recessed into the upper cup and head lock nut, making it more difficult to strip. Regarding this being a "sealed" headset. It is more in the nature of "Sealed Mechanism". The roller bearings are not part of any "precision sealed cartridge" system. The seals on this headset come in the form of black plastic skirts that snap around a lip on the steel cone races. There are twenty needle bearings in each of the retainers. This headset is available in a 1" diameter and in Black only. It weighs 129 grams. Mountain Goat stopped importing this headset in 1993. We sold it for $32.99

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