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The Kingsbery headset is a needle, (roller), bearing headsets that is made in the Argentine factory known as SevŽdra. The Kingsbery headset uses forged aluminum pieces for the bearing cups, head lock nut and head key washer. The head lock nut, after forginging is bored and threaded from the bottom for the fork steerer tube threads. The top of the head lock nut has four horizontal cuts made on it for a square easy wrench grip. The aluminum head key washer is stamped from plate aluminum. The upper bearing cup is cleaned of burrs on the race surface and threaded for the fork. It also has four horizontal cuts made on the top for headset wrench grips. The upper and lower races appear to be machined from aluminum tubing, turned on a lathe and then cleaned of burrs. The lower bearing cup is forged aluminum, the race surfaces are cleaned of imperfections, and to make the section that is pressed into the headtube smooth. Like other roller bearing headsets, the Kingsbery uses two stainless steel bearing races that slope from the center, down toward the outer edge, creating a beveled steel race that gives the roller bearing a full contact surface. These steel pieces lie on the aluminum "race" and in the cup with a plastic retainer that holds 20 roller bearings which are 4mm long and 2.5mm in diameter, giving a long surface contact. This technique is used for both the upper and lower bearing assemblies. The Kingsbery headset comes only in Silver or Black in 1", 1 1/8" or 1 1/4". The Kingsbery headset weighs 94 grams in the 1" size. Kingsberry is now out of business, the product of un- wise distribution decisions. We sold the 1" size for $44.99 and the other two sizes for $49.99

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