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Control Tech had made for them and imported from Russia a Titanium handlebar. (This bar is discontinued and has been recalled. What follows is a description written when they were available.) It is said to be made of "OT4" Ti alloy which is a designation we are completely unfamiliar with. Before we go much further, this is the point where we need to remind you to read our Metals section (elsewhere in this book), and About Titianium Handlebars in the "Overview of Handlebars". The Control Ti handlebar has had very limited availability, so far, for reasons that appear to be lost in the translation of Ukrainian Russian to English. Though there had been a continual backorder with the Russian plant, order fulfillment was poor. The handlebar has a 23" (585mm) length and a 4 degree bend. The 1 1/2" long, smooth, bulged center has a 25.4mm outer diameter. The O.D tapers near the bend to become the needed 22.2mm for grips. The inner diameter of the bar at the ends is 20.47mm. We cut a Control Tech Ti handlebar in half lengthwise to make some wall thickness measurements. We found at the bulge the wall thickness to be .77mm At the bend there is virtually no change at .76mm Over the remaining 8 1/4" (210mm) to the end of the bar the wall thickness doesn't reduce, holding a .77m to .79mm thickness throughout. The Control Ti handlebar weighs 144.5 grams, and has a textured outer surface, in a Titanium Grey color. It was also sold as a Dean Ti handle for a very short period of time. We sold these for $69.99

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