Front Derailleurs


The DX series of components was met an undue and untimely death from Shimano, when it was discontinued for the 1994 model year. DX is discontinued with LX expected to ascend to it's former position. We still have some these front changers available and in stock for people who still need them. The 92/93 DX front derailleur at 124 grams, (1 1/8" clamp), was slightly heavier then the 118 grams of the '91 model. This is because it included the adjustable return spring, while the 1991 model did not. The DX had the same sealed pivot points, and the same pantagraph mechanism as the XT. The clamp and link parts were made of forged aluminum alloy. The DX would accommodate any type of multi-speed chain, any shift system, and adjust the range of a 5, 6, 7, or 8 speed gear system. Installation and cable fastening was accomplished with only a 5mm hex wrench. The DX had a 26 tooth capacity. It was manufactured in three clamp diameters; 28.6mm (1 1/8"), 31.8mm (1 1/4"), and 34.9mm (1 3/8" band style). The clamp is natural colored, Silver aluminum with a Silver painted link arm, the cage is chromed steel. Intended for triple chainring cranks, it was also available in a top-pull style. No longer made, at the end of the 1993 year we were selling the DX front for $19.99 in the bottom pull and $23.99 in the top pull.

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