Archival Review of Flite Control Crank

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Flite Control has an arm set CNC machined for them, each arm is made from a single piece of 7075-T6 billet aluminum. The spider is cut as a part of the right arm. These arms are quite different from any others in their shape and style. Each arm has several cuts that look as if a finger has been pushed into the aluminum leaving a rounded hollow. The left arm is 30.20mm wide at the pedal spindle, and stays at width with only slight variations up to the B/B spindle where it narrows to 29.6mm. The left arm is 14.2mm thick at the pedal spindle, and remains at this thickness until 4" from the top thickening to 17.36mm in this last 4." At the B/B spindle the left arm is 25.06mm thick. The right arm at the pedal spindle is 14.43mm thick at remains close to this thickness until the spider area. The spider is cut leaving posts for inner bolt to threads into on the rear side. A rib of aluminum slopes down from the B/B spindle support area across each of the spider arms. This ridge of aluminum left in place acts like a gusset joining both pieces, making the spider arm rigid. Each spider arm is 4mm thick at the outer fixing bolt hole. The Cucamonga cranks are made with standard 74mm/110mm bolt pattern. The pedal spindle is drilled and tapped with 9/16" by 2- TPI threads. The crank arm dust cap hole is bored and threaded with 22mm by 1mm threads. Both of the square B/B spindle holes are milled with 2 degree tapered walls when the back of each piece is cut. We found the Flite Control cranks has a Bike-Pro Q measurement of 150mm. The Cucamonga cranks come anodized in Black, Blue, Slate (Ti) Grey, or Silver in a 175mm, or 180mm length. They come as right arm, with integrated spider, and left arm. Chainrings, the inner fixing bolts, the outer fixing bolt set, crank bolts, and crank arm dust caps will be needed separately. The weight of the 175mm long Cucamonga crank arms is 389 grams. No longer made these sold for $227.99

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