Archival Reviews of Suntour Bottom Brackets

No Longer Made


This was Shimano's best crafted ball bearing bottom bracket. The fixed and adjustable cup were cro-moly steel, the lockring was Black cro-moly steel. Using cup and cone construction, there are eleven cro-moly 1/4" steel balls in the bearing retainer. The spindle is nickel finished, hollow, cro-moly steel using bolts to hold the arms on. Naturally, all the bearing surfaces are finished to perfection, giving the most friction free use available. It comes with a plastic sleeve to keep moisture out, as well as rubber rings, recessed where the spindle exits the cups, to keep contaminates out of the B/B. The 7400 weighs 308 grams, (with crank bolts, washers, and sleeve, which weigh 34 grams). It is available in English (68mm B/B shell with a 112mm spindle) or Italian (70mm B/B shell with a 113mm spindle) threads. This was discontinued in favor of the Unit style B/B.

No longer made, we sold this for $52.99

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