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The Litespeed Ti B/B is a precisely crafted standard type of bottom bracket using a fixed right hand, drive-side cup. Both cups are machined from aluminum alloy, with the inside bored to fit the precision sealed bearing cartridge snugly. There are two parallel cuts on the outer flange of the right hand cup, which seats against the B/B shell, for the fixed cup tool to grip and cinch.

The threads on the outside of the cups are cleanly cut. The cup holes where the spindle exits have a milled channel for an O-ring seal, and so there is no added seal on these cups to shield from outside moisture.

For bearings, Litespeed has chosen are the Japanese SMT 6903RK. The left cup has four equidistantholes bored into its face for a pin spanner to make fine adjustments. The left cup uses a lockring to hold it into position. The lockring is also machined from aluminum rod and has four square notches cut into its perimeter to tighten it with a hook spanner wrench.

Both cups and the lockring are anodized Black. The B/B's spindle is machined from Titanium 6Al-4V rod. It's turned on a lathe to reduce the center's outer diameter to 625/1000's of an inch and raise a shoulder for the bearing to seat against. After the lathe work, the tapered sides are milled and the ends of the spindle are bored to a depth of 2 inches before they aretapped for the crank bolt threads. The spindle is not drilled through.

The Litespeed B/B is available with a 111mm, 113mm, 125mm, 130mm, or a 135mm length spindle to fit an English threaded B/B shell only. The weight of the Litespeed Titanium B/B with a 113mm spindle is 151 grams. Crank bolts are not included.

A new Litespeed version was been released in the 1995 model year. We sold this type for $137.99

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