WTB Bar Ends


This reivew is included for historical purposes, these bar ends have been discontinued by WTB but it gives you an impression of how WTB approaches bar end design. The Hammer Handles have a rotational grip tube, by using a compound cinch assembly, that cinches separately the handlebar and the grip tubing section. The cinch assembly is machined from billet block aluminum. It is about 1.1 inches high and 2 1/2 inches long, with smoothed, quarter-round radiused edges. The cinch assembly has holes bored into each end, one has 7/8 inch inner diameter to fit on the handlebar, the other to fit the .93 inch outer diameter of the grip tubing. On the cinch assembly, centered between the entry holes for the bar and grip tube there is two holes drilled and tapped for the cinch bolts. Tightening the one nearest the handlebar clamps the cinch assembly to the handlebar, while tightening the other cinches the grip tubing. The two bolts are 5mm x .8mm thread pitch with a 20mm length, each weighing 3 1/2 grams. The cinch assembly slides over the final inch of the handlebar, and holds the grip tube cantilevered 1.1 inches off the end of the handlebar. This is one of the few bar ends that doesn't, in essence, "shorten" your handlebar. The grip tube, which has a 4 3/4 inch useful, exposed length, when clamped in, is held at a 15 degree from handlebar perpendicular, inward angle toward the front tire. The grip tube itself has nearly a 90 degree bend, but because the grip tube can be rotated, it may either face upward or inwardly at the user's discretion. Chrome plated press in end plugs for the grip tube are included, handlebar plugs are not needed. Available only in Silver, a pair of Short Hammer Handles weigh 205 grams. Remember to use these, you must have the industry standard, 7/8 inch outer diameter handlebar. Made in Northern California these sold in the $60 price range.

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