Odyssey Bar Ends




Power Bends use a more complex cinch and tightening system that permits the user to adjust the roll, pitch, and yaw of the grip tubing section for particular individual adjustment. Typically, we have written about fixed position bar ends that are welded to the cinch tube, permitting you to adjust just the "pitch", which is the angle up and down, by rotating them on the handlebar. The Power Bend permits 12 degrees of lateral movement, in and outward from the front tire, or "yaw". The Power Bend also allows you to rotate the curved grip tube on its axis, turning the grip tube's curve infinitely upward or to the side inward, known as "roll". The cinch assembly is made of cast aluminum drilled and tapped for the cinch bolt, then sawn through to make the clamp mechanism on the lower side. To facilitate the roll and yaw aspect a separate bolt passes from the rider side end through the cinch assembly and passes through knurl sided expanding wedges. As the expander bolt is tightened, it draws the two aluminum wedges together expanding, and holding the grip tube firmly in place. The grip tube is made of aluminum, is 6 1/8 inches long and has a knurled interior, at the cinch end, to mate with the exterior knurls of the wedge pieces. The grip tube begins a 50 degree bend at the 2 inch mark. No handlebar end plugs are needed as the cinch assembly covers the handlebar end. Power Bends come with Black press-in plastic grip tubing end plugs already installed. For those uncertain about fixed position bar ends these are a good alternative, while learning what angles you really like, but their complexity requires that you check regularly, the tension of the tightening bolts. Power Bends are Black and the pair weighs 219 grams complete. Made in Taiwan. We stopped selling these because of the un-necessary complexity. We sold them for $34.99 a pair.

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