Nuke Proof Bar Ends


This was Nuke Proof's first product. Nuke Proof was the only bar end maker to use carbon fiber fabric with a surface of hardened epoxy resin, to add strength to their bar end. It is a cinch style, with nearly straight extensions. The Nuke Proof bar end extends straight forward for 2 1/2" then bends inward toward the front tire, at an 11¡ angle for the remaining 2 3/8" length. It is made of three parts. The handle bar cinch assembly is machined from a block of billet aluminum. A post to receive the grip tubing section, is fashioned out of this block for the tubing of the grip section to slide on. The block is drilled six times with a 3/16" drill to outline the final handle bar hole and then drilled through the middle of these holes to "core out" the aluminum stock so the handle bar will fit in it. The block is sawn, from the front to the center hole to form the tightening arm of the cinch piece, with a hole drilled through the cinch arm into the block that is tapped for the tightening bolt. The block is finally brush finished. The bolts are made of hardened cro-moly steel, with 5mm x .80mm thread pitch that is 12mm long, having a 4mm hex head fitting. The grip section is made of a 4 7/8 inch long, thin wall, aluminum tubing, bent slightly at the 2 1/2" mark, tucking the bar end at 11 degrees toward the front wheel. The tube is wrapped with braided carbon fiber, covered with an epoxy resin to add stiffness, then air cured 24 hours until hard. The tubing ends are cut on a lathe to produce an even flush end, and bonded with a special epoxy to the cinch block. The tubing end is plugged with an aluminum cap that is machined from aluminum rod to fit snugly in the end. The cap is brush finished, then bonded in place. The pair of bar extensions, with steel bolts weigh 133 grams. The two steel cinch bolts weigh 6 grams per pair. Made in USA. No longer made, we sold these for $64.99 a pair.

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