Joe Murray Dewey Ti Bar Ends


The Dewey Titanium bar ends are a Titanium replication of the Cro-moly set described above. The cinch tube is 1 1/4" wide with a 1.2mm wall thickness. The grip tubing is made of .8mm wall thickness Titanium tubing, miter cut to fit the contour of the cinch tube, then TIG welded at the same angle, with the same bend as the Dewey Cro-Moly set. The cinch fitting is machined from Titanium rod, and TIG welded as the last welding step. The cinch assembly is then sawn through to make the clamping mechanism. The welding is done fine, clean pulsed welds, to standards we see only in American workmanship. These are manufactured by Sandvik for Murray to their specifications. The cinch bolt is chrome plated steel, threaded with 6mm x 1mm thread pitch, is 20mm long and weighs 6 1/2 grams. The Dewey Titanium set doesn't come with grip tape or any end plugs. The weight of a pair of Dewey Titanium bar ends with steel bolts is 124 grams. No longer made, we sold these for $139.99 a pair.

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