Light Speed Bar Ends


Litespeed uses Ti 3Al-2.5V Titanium tubing as the raw material for their L-bend styled bar ends. The cinch assembly is made from 1.4mm wall thickness tubing cut to provide a 1 1/4" width on your handlebar. The cinch fitting is machined from Ti 6Al-4V rod, turned on a lathe to reduce the center diameter and bring the width down 10mm so the cinch bolt will fit squarely and flush. The bolt piece is drilled and tapped with the 6mm by 1mm pitch bolt threads, then TIG welded to the bottom of the cinch assembly.The grip tubing is made of .8mm wall thickness Titanium tubing, with an overall length of 8 inches. The grip tubing is miter cut to contour the cinch tube then the two are cleanly TIG welded together. The grip tubing rises from the cinch assembly at a 15 degree angle, while also sweeping inward toward the front wheel at a 15 degree angle. At 3 1/2" from the cinch tube, a bend creates the secondary grip section that turns at an added 65 degrees inward. With the grip tube welded in place the cinch fitting is welded to the bottom of the cinch tube, then the cinch tube is sawn through to make the clamping mechanism. The bolt has a 5mm hex fitting, is made of Ti 6Al-4V Titanium alloy, and has a weight of 3.5 grams. It is a 6mm by 1mm pitch with a 20mm length. The Litespeed bar ends come with two of the Rodon press-in plastic caps we mentioned in the overview, installed in the end of the grip tube. Two more to fit in the end of the handlebar are not provided. The pair of the Litespeed bar ends, with the Ti bolts and Rodon caps weighs 140 grams. These are no longer made. We sold them for $89. 99 a pair.

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