Grisley Bar Ends


We have stopped selling these because they never really took off, this review is for historical purposes. They may still be available in some stores. P.R. Grisley of Salt Lake City, Utah make a bar end set that can't be simply described as either a ski or L-bend. They have a compound bend tucking the thumb and fore-finger inward slightly. The cinch assembly is cast and machined stainless steel, that has the a 15 degree inward angle for the grip section built into it. The cinch assembly uses a 6mm by 1mm thread pitch steel bolt that is 10mm long. It has a 5mm hex head fitting and weighs 4.5 grams. The grip tubing is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, with an overall length of 5 inches. It is epoxy bonded and tightly press fit to the cinch assembly. The aluminum end cap at the end of grip tubing is brass plated with the relief of a grizzley bear on it. For the handlebar ends two chrome plated press-in steel caps are provided. The cinch assembly is Silver, the grip tubing end cap is Gold colored, and the grip tubing is anodized in Black, Lavender, or Silver. The weight of a set of Grisly Claws with the Chrome end caps weighs 190.5 grams. We're not sure when these became unavailable. Because their was no real interest in them we never really had many on hand. We have heard, but have not been able to confirm, that Grisley is involved in designing bikes made in Asia for import to the United States. At the end we sold these bar ends for $44.99

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