Flite Control Bar Ends

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Rocket bar ends take materials and style minimalism to the extreme. Rocket bar ends are made from aluminum bar stock that is 1.2 inches wide, 5 inches longs and 1/2 inch thick. The bar stock is machined to develop a smooth "handle" shape, with a rising lip at it's outer end. To reduce its weight the interior of the handle shape is milled out, and the edges are milled with a quarter-round to eliminate all square edges. At the end which fits over the handlebar, a hole drilled to fit around handlebar end. The hole is drilled at an angle so the bar end angles toward the front tire at 15 degrees from handlebar perpendicular. On the top side of the Rocket a hole is drilled from top to bottom into the remaining solid area that lies between the two interior holes for the cinch bolt. The hole recesses the bolt head flush into the upper surface, and is tapped at the bottom for the bolt threads. To make the Rocket clamp on the handlebar the aluminum that joins both interior holes is sawn through, so that tightening the cinch bolt draws the aluminum together, clamping the Rocket to your bar. The Rocket uses a stainless steel bolt with a 5mm allen head fitting, with 6mm by 1mm thread pitch, that is 16mm long weight 5.5 grams. This 16mm long bolt can be replaced with the 20mm long Titanium replacement at the end of this section and the added 4mm will not be exposed through the bottom. Rockets come with two Rodon press-in Black plastic handlebar end plugs. Rocket bar ends are hard anodized in Black, Lavender or Silver, with the end plugs a the pair of bar ends weighs 117 grams. These stopped being available when the ODI/Flite Control merger failed. Steve Driscoll of Flite Control is believed to be involved with ATI grips now that Herb and Kaye have sold their grip business. At the end we sold these for $39.99

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