Fast Feather Bar Ends


Fast Feather's bar ends are an L-bend style, made of Ti 3Al-2.5V tubing. The cinch assembly is made from 1.2mm wall thickness tubing cut to make a 1 1/4" width on the handlebar. The cinch fitting is amchined from Titanium 6-4 rod. It's turned on a lathe to reduce and round the center and radius the rear corner. The fitting piece is drilled and tapped for the necessary 6mm by 1mm pitch threads. The Fast Feather bar ends come with a machined from Ti 6Al-4V rod cinch bolt that is 20mm long, weighs 3 grams, and has a 6mm hex fitting. The grip tubing is also made with a 1.2mm wall thickness, and has an overal length of 8 inches. The tubing is miter cut where it joins the cinch assembly, so it solidly contours the cinch roundness, then the two pieces are TIG welded together. The grip is welded so it leaves the cinch assembly with no upward angle, while introducing a 7 degree angle inward toward the front wheel. At 3 1/2" from the cinch tube the secondary bend adds 65 more degrees in inward angle toward the front wheel in making 4 1/2" long secondary grip section, which also rises at a 9 degree angle. Once the Grip tubing has been welded, the cinch fitting is welded in place under the cinch tube, which is then sawn through horizontally to create the cinch assembly. The Fast Feather bar ends come with two Black press-in plastic caps installed in the end of the grip tube. Two more to fit in the end of the handlebar are not provided. The Titanium metal after manufacture is given a high polished finish with a light abrasive on a polishing wheel. This is the only Titanium bar end that has this mirror-like finish. The pair of the Fast Feather bar ends, with the Ti bolts and end plugs weigh 164.5 grams. These bar ends ceased to be available in August of 1994. Bob Anderson the owner of Fast Feather, having a well known cloud on his character in the bike industry, stopped answering the phone. At the end, we sold these for $89.99

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