Factory Water Logo Bottles
by Manitou, Mountain Goat, Ritchey, Yeti, GT, Merlin, Ringle, TNT, Ibis, Speed Defies Gravity, Syncros, Fat Chance, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Salsa, Profile for Speed, MRC, King Cage, Specialty Racing Products (SRP), or Action Tec $ 5.99
American Classic Race Cage
Made of a single piece of 4.8mm diameter aluminum wire with a plastic center cradle. The wire comes anodized in Blue, Black, Gold, Red, Silver or Purple. The cage with hardware weighs 52 grams. $ 6.49
American Classic Titanium Race Cage
Another version of the Race Cage is made of 4.8mm Titanium wire. $ 27. 79
Bike Pro Water Bottle - 21
A tight sealing water bottle with no logo on it. There-fore you get quality with no advertising, inexpensively. The 21 ounce bottle is available in Clear, Grey, White, Blue, - Red, Yellow, or Purple. $ 2.49
Bike Pro Water Bottle - 28
A 28 ounce version of the bottle above also in Clear, Grey, White, Blue, - Red, Yellow, or Purple. $ 3.49

Blackburn - scan list for price

Blackburn BC-1 Mountain Cage
Made of a single aluminum wire with the aluminum mounting plate TIG welded to the rear of the rails making a solid, light weight piece. Once made in the USA, it weighs 54 grams. For braze-on or clamp installation. Available in Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Silver, White or Yellow. $ 7.79
Blackburn MC-1 Mountain Cage
The MC-1 is made of a single 6.4mm aluminum wire joined at the "knuckle" which holds the bottle in the cage. Twin mounting plates TIG welded to rear of the rails make it rigid. Once made in the USA, it weighs 80 grams. For braze-on installation only. Available in Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Silver, White or Yellow. $ 8.79
Blackburn PC-1 Ultralight Cage
The PC-1 is much lighter (38 grams) and more delicate. Intended for road riders, it is fashioned like the MC-1 using a 5mm diameter wire and a plastic "knuckle" at the top of the wire rails. Two mounting plates welded to the rails make it rigid. For braze-on use only. Available in Blue, Black, Purple, Red or Silver. $ 8.79
Blackburn B-52 Bomber Cage
Designed by the WTB the Bomber cage holds all types of 1.5 liter (51 ounce) bottles which "Spring" or "Designer/Boutique" waters like Evian, Perrier, Calistoga are sold in. Re-fill the big bottle and bring more with you on the trail. Made of 6.5mm diameter aluminum wire TIG welded to an aluminum plate spine, very sturdy that is painted Black. Weighs 169 grams. $ 21.79
Blackburn CC-1 Chicane Cage
The imported Chicane is made from a 4.2mm diameter "metal matrix" wire with a mounting plate TIG welded between the wire rails. The cage is anodized Ti grey in color weighs 32 grams and can braze-on or clamp mounted. $ 12.79
Blackburn SB-1 Switchback Cage
The Switchback is a beefier version of the Chicane. The imported cage uses the same construction and style made of a 5.5mm "metal matrix" wire. Again Ti Grey in color and can be braze or clamp mounted. $ 12.79
Blackburn Cage Clamps
Made of stainless steel this extremely durable set weighs 15 grams and converts the BC-1 or MC0-1 to clamp use so they can be mounted anywhere on your frame tubes. $ 2.79

Camelbak - scan list for price

Camelbak Thermobak Water Carrying System
The Thermobak has a 70 ounce carry capacity. It has new breathable foam pads that are soft and cushiony on your shoulders while carrying the larger payload. The larger diameter fluid tube allows 50% more flow. The Thermobak completely insulates the inner fluid preserving its cool temperature. The Pak comes in Black, Bone (Ivory) or Cobalt Blue. $ 34.79
CamelBak IceBak Water Carrying System
The Icebak is a variation of the Thermobak, and lacks the insulation on the body side allowing ice in the pack to cool the user. To further hasten the ice cube melt the IceBak comes in a Black pack only. $ 32.79
CamelBak ThermoBak 1/2 Back
This is the half size version of the Thermo holding just 1 quart of fluid ( 32 ounces). The pack is Black. $ 31.79
Camelbak HydroBak
The Hydro has a 40 ounce carry capacity which is the equivalent of 2 water bottles. It has the same insulated quality of the Thermo but uses an open-cell on the body side to insulate and support comfortably the fluid weight. The pack comes in Black, Bone (ivory) or Purple. $ 27.79
CamelBak GO-BE
The GoBe is 50 ounce hip carried hydration system. The reservoir is enclosed in an insulated pocket. There is a large mesh carry pocket and two medium sized zippered pockets. The belt is adjustable and uses a quick release buckle. The pack is made with a teal/eggplant/Black coloration. $ 54.79
CamelBak H2Flow
The H2FLOW is a hip carried hydration system, with a 35 ounce (2 water bottles) capacity. The hip pack also has 150 cubic inches of other carry space in a zippered pocket. It was designed with hiking in mind. The pack comes Black/Purple or Green/Black colors. $ 32.99
CamelBak M.U.L.E.
The MULE (Medium to Ultra Long Endeavors) holds a monster 82 ounces of fluid, for long day trips. It has an oversized delivery tube with the bite valve for hands free fluid delivery. It uses both padded shoulder straps and a breathable waist belt. It has a breathable wicking material against the userÕs back. Oversized zippered compartments provide much cargo space in the pack which is Bone and Black in color. $ 59.99
New CamelBak H.A.W.G. 90 ounce, Black $ 74.99
New CamelBak Rogue, 70 ounce, Burgundy $ 46.99
New CamelBak ZOID, 40 ounce, Black $ 29.99
New CamelBak AEROFLOW, Blue/Green $ 27.99
CamelBak Replacement Reservoirs
Replacements of internal bladder that holds fluid are available in several sizes, 35 ounce, 40 ounce, 32 ounce, 50 ounce, 82 ounce or 70 ounce> These are clear urethane or vinyl. $ 14.79
CamelBak Pakster
The Pakster is shoulder slung bag that holds a CamelBak and has pockets for food, bike tools and other items in a zipper closed and large mesh pocket. It has a pump and tube tie down so these items can be lashed to its outer surface. Twin quick release shoulder straps make it easy to use. The Pak comes in 2 colors schemes Teal/Mauve/Black or Stealth Black. $ 24.99
CamelBak Narrow Gauge
The Narrow Gauge is a large back pack styled shoulder bag that holds (count 'em) 3 CamelBaks and many other items. A large belt supports the bag at the waist and 2 padded shoulder straps with a cross chest strap make a firm harness. Several large zippered pockets allow 2000 cubic inches of storage. It has lashing positions for pumps and clothes/towel/small blanket. The pack is in Stealth Black. $ 59.79
CamelBak Clip
The Clip holds Camel Straw near the jersey or shirt collar. $ 1.49
New CamelBak Integrator, utility belt $ 36.79
Giro / Bell Bottle Rocket II
The Rocket II has a 23 ounce capacity. Its 2 piece design with a spin off top creates a 2" throat that allows it to be filled with full sized ice cubes. It has a silk smooth push/pull teeth valve that closes completely. The bottom section is always White. The top piece can be Blue, Green, or Red. 68 1/2 grams. $ 5.79
Innovations in Cycling Watersnake Cage
The Watersnake is the answer to "how minimalist can a cage become?" Made of die cut aluminum plate that is carefully rolled into its final shape, it weighs 58 grams. Painted in Black, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, White or clear anodized Silver. $ 6.99
Innovations in Cycling "X" Cage
Fox & Scully's favorite!! Made of Black composite plastic as a single piece. These are extremely light at 54 grams. The X-Cage firmly and tightly holds the bottle but allows it to be removed upward from the cage or with a straight, firm pull away from the cage. Black only. $ 4.49
King Titanium Cage
The King cage is made of a single piece of 1/4" outer diameter Titanium tubing. Two braze-on mounting plates are TIG welded to the back of the rails making it a single incredibly strong work of art. It weighs just 35 grams and itÕs unique character is recognized by the intelligentsia. $ 47.99
King Stainless Steel Cage
Fashioned like the Titanium of stainless steel tubing welded toghether. Way less expensive, $ 12.99
Pedro's Milk Cage
Called the Milk Cage because it is made of the recycled plastic from quart and gallon milk "jugs". The Milk Cage is thin, flexible, cradle straps surround the bottle completely. A tab at the bottom supports the bottle. Made for braze-on mounting only. Two colors, Whitish or Black, it weighs 27 grams. $ 5.79
Profile "The Kage"
Made of composite plastic, the Kage is a one piece design. A gap at the front to allows the cradle ribs to flex and grip the bottle. It weighs 43 grams and comes in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, or White. $ 4.99
Ringle "XC" Ultralight Alloy Cage
Die cut from a single piece of aluminum plate then bent into shape. The ends of the plate join at the back by the bolts passing through into the braze-on mounts. The XC weighs just 48 grams and comes in Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, or Gold. $ 11.99
SideTrak "Hang Dryer"
Yellow hanging reservoir dryer that allows the inner Camelbak bladder to be dryed thoroughly. $ 8.99

Specialized - scan list for price

Specialized 5.0mm Aluminum Wire Cage
Fashioned after the Blackburn cage once sold by Specialized, this is made of a single piece of 5mm diameter wire joined at the top under the knuckle which retains the bottle. A TIG welded to the rails aluminum plate joins and makes rigid the entire cage. Made in Japan, it weighs 48 grams and is available in Black, White, Silver or Ti Grey. $ 4.99
Specialized 6.2mm Aluminum Wire Cage
This is a larger diameter sturdier version of the cage above. Made in Japan, it weighs 70 grams and is available Black, White, Silver, or Ti Grey. $ 5.99
Specialized Mountain Cage
This is a two piece cage bonded at the bottom. Made for Specialized, in San Jose California by WESTEC this is the most popular composite plastic cage to hit market yet. Available in Black or White it weighs 49 grams. $ 4.99
Specialized Rib Cage
A one piece light plastic design with a Grey rubber retainer make this an elegant little cage. A tab at the bottom supports the bottle weight. Made in Black or White, it weighs 45 1/2 gram. Braze-on mounting only, it comes with mounting bolts (4.5 grams). US made. $ 9.99
Specialized Racer's Edge Bottle
Has a two piece design with a twist off upper cap. A Grey rubber grip ring give it an easy grasp. With a 24 ounce capacity, it has 2" diameter throat so complete ice cubes can be used to cool the fluid. Available in White or Clear. $ 5.99
Specialized Big Mouth Bottle
White - Black - Granite - Clear - 24 oz. $ 4.99
SRP Aluminum Bottle Cage Bolts
10mm long (1.8 grams per pair) or 16mm long (2.3 grams per pair)-Blue-Black-Gold-Grey-Green-Purple-Red. PAIR $ 3.99
SRP Titanium Bottle Cage Bolts
Standard 10mm long (2.8 grams per pair) or Extra Long 16mm long (3.3 grams per pair). PAIR $5.99
Two Wheel Performance Hunchback II
For use with the Camelback inner bottle. $ 59.99
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